Tuesday, November 27

Interview with Peter Tamte
An interview with the creator or MacSoft and Bungie and former Apple X-ec.

Sunday, November 25

Check out my overhauled site design! This is a test version so the graphics are oddly crappy and most content is not yet in place, but please check it out! The contact tab containts my e-mail address if you have comments.

Friday, November 23

iPod Review:

(I have only used for a short time so a second opinion may be necessary.) Tiny, fast, high quality, genius, pricey and beautiful all would be good words to define iPod. There is nothing negative about it. The price is worth it and the idea of transferring data so fast and storing so much of it is technically amazing. The price is worth it! iPod Rules! Rating: 4 out of 4 crazed weasels

Thursday, November 22

If you buy Traitors Gate, check that you are buying the Mac version. I bought the PC version because it was in a box almost identical to the Mac version and it was on the very same shelf.

Monday, November 19

Correction: The J-Pop board is actually
Apple - AirPort
AirPort hardware got a minor makeover, new software supports AOL and additional encryption.
Mac Hack set their date to June 20-23. Get ready!
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Wednesday, November 14

Never trust important files to only one (iDisk or other) online drive.

Tuesday, November 13

Get the OS X update.

Monday, November 12

aquafiles.com is a decent alternative X download site. Nice features but still glitchy. I would recomend it.
Snax (cocoasoft.com) Review: Not for everyone but has its uses. Not good as a full replacement finder but has some interesting features for individual windows. Confusing design. Rating: 2 Crazed Weasels (Out of 4)
Holy ****! They killed queens!

Sunday, November 11

Make that 4.1/4 Crazed Weasels!

Omnigroup's OmniWeb 4 sneeky peek 10 review:

Great improvement. More stable (even as a beta). Nice iToolsy icon. Very fast page rendering. Vastly improved flash support. Try it!

Rating: Four crazed weazels (out of four)

See this excerpt from XAppeal.org for details on getting it.

OmniWeb 4.1 Sneaky Peek 10 Released
Sunday, November 11, 2001 by Simon

The Omni Group, makers of the web browser OmniWeb, have released version 4.1 SP10 of their Cocoa web browser.

For those not in the know, Sneaky Peeks are similar to betas, they are pre-release versions that often have bugs. On the other hand, they are a great way to see new features and enhancements that will be found in the next version of OmniWeb. So, if you are willing to brave the wild world of pre-release software, you can nab OmniWeb 4.1 SP10

OmniWeb 4.1 Sneek Peek is out
Review to follow
Use Bare Bones's BBEdit for any work in which you need the ability to search, count and compile more than you need to spell check, font change and illustrate.
Use Bare Bones's BBEdit for any work in which you need the ability to search, count and compile more than you need to spell check, font change and illustrate.
TextEdit prints youre document at different proportions and sizes depending on how the window is sized.
Frogslapper (stimpsoft.com)
is a useful app for checking email while you do other stuff.
Use Snak for IRC
Fire (OS X) rocks but it cannot use AIM or IRC succesfully.
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iMac of Doom - MacAddict Forums

My freinds iMac (Blue Dalmation 600 w/ 256MB and 40GB) is acting up. Symptoms:

OS 9.1 does not boot 2 times out of 3

Click on a file name in OS X .I and the name disappears (leaving just the selection box). This is only for names, not icons, they reappear when you reopen the window.

All optical mice (X.I/9.1) lose power and then flicker back on in a few secs frequently.

File renaming disabled in X.

Powered external hub often stops powering devices.

Reinstalling 9 prompts a "This hardware is not supported by this OS" message, even with the included boot disc!

Our first reinstall of X propted instant panics at startup (I have not seen the mac since).

If you do not have any Ideas we will try to reformat (Difficult to back up all of his iMovies) and maybe even have a tech replace the USB board or MBoard.

(please post any replies to the above forum link)
Don't bother with audiogalaxy and Mac Satelite. They work for a bit to get your hopes up then start throwing constant errors at you. All versions, 3 Macs.

Saturday, November 10


iPod Easter Egg: Dan Jensen was the first to write in about this one. "I had my first chance to play with an iPod today, and I stumbled across a useless but fun Easter egg! Go to the "About" screen in the iPod and hold down the "Enter" button for about 5 seconds Up pops brick out! You have your paddle and the ball is already in motion! Cool!"
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MacAddict 10.1


Avoid UT X preview, It wiped my install. Back up full install and preferences if you try.
Both machines have DSL
iMac: PacBell w/ DHCP
G4: Earthlink w/ PPPoE
My other mac is a Mystic (DP Series) G4 400mHz
Stylus 777
When I downloaded OmniWeb I was skeptical with experience with other small browers like iCab and even Netscape, but I was amazed when I saw features on par with IE like autofill and even more amazed when I found how fast it was! After only 10 minutes using Omni, I am ditching IE for good! If it were only more stable...
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