Monday, December 31

HOLY CRAP! Look at! "MWSF 2002, This will be big, even by our standards." They have never publicized anything in advance like that. I am going and expect somthing extreme.

Monday, December 24

Merry Christmas Eve!

Sunday, December 23

Consumers Urged to Protect Windows XP
Why I avoid MS (one of the reasons).

Saturday, December 22

Stupid yet funny.

Tuesday, December 18

A cool site, interesting essays, cool photos, crappy drawings, odd forums and some music I kinda like (by a MacAddict!).
Apple Start Page
The default Apple start page for IE has changed from Apple/Excite to Apple/Netscape. Cool!

Monday, December 17

Apple - PowerBook
I don't know if this is new, but Tis also have radeons now.
Apple - PowerBook
Combo drives are now standard accross the Ti line! Kick but!
Correction explaination:
I just corrected the below post because the space, return etc. had dissappeared. I had written that for the MacAddict Foroms where HTML is meaningless, so I encompassed them in carats. When I copied that here the carats were concidered borders to a useless HTML command and did not appear. Web designers, don't use carats!

Saturday, December 15

You can use the terminal or tinkertool in X to view your iPod's Mp3 folder from the finder (usually not possible).

In the terminal:
cd {space} (drag ipod to terminal window) {return}
(find an item with a name like Music or Mp3s)
open {space} {name of that folder} / {return}

This is entirely from unix experience and word of other hackers (Not the evil online kind). I do not own an iPod (yet) so I cannot tell you the name of the folders.

Friday, December 14

If you are attending the MWSF keynote, PANIC! The keynote is now on MONDAY and it is 1 hr. earlier. Sorry about the lapse of posts.

Monday, December 10

MacWorld San Francisco - MacAddict Forums
Interesting rumor thread. Join in!

Sunday, December 9

Just found this. Handy for reporting spam.

Wednesday, December 5

Reminder, simply email me to get free posting rights/instructions for this site!
Apple released Final Cut Pro 3 yesterday. Check it out (I will not review it because I do not have $999 on me at the moment).
Watson Review:
Shareware, link below, $29.99
Watson contains many usful tools such as an ebay tracker, a yahoo catagory browser and a movie listing/preview finder. It worked flawlessly, however $29.99 is a bit much for what it does. If you can afford it, buy it.

Rating: 3.5 Crazed Weasels (out of four)
Apple - Downloads - Internet Utilities - Watson 1.0
Just found this cool looking netsearch app. Review to follow.

Tuesday, December 4

Archive Frequency Changed
Colors and Sizes changed
New BG Color
Site Design Update! Rejoice! Ignore! Whatever!

Monday, December 3

From X Those lovely people at Blizzard Entertainment have released Carbonized updates of their popular titles Starcraft and Starcraft: BroodWar
Both are available for download from

Sunday, December 2

This is just awful - MacAddict Forums
Web ads are getting pretty bad, turn on javascript and look at this hunk o' junk.