Monday, July 22

Shit! My string of posts didn't show (unless my browser is messed up or something). If you must know:
-New iMac, same stats 17" LCD
-Jaguar shipping soon
-iTunes 3, new audionesque organizing features
-.Mac, new, better FEE-BASED-WITHOUT-FREE-VERSION iTools. Grumble.
-iPod $100 cheaper, up to 20GB, remote, calendar, case
FYI: My apps are on an iDisk, so there might be a breif d/l outage.

Wednesday, July 17

Apple neuz:
OS 10.2 (Jaguar w/ iChat, New Quartz, Sherlock 3...) (full price upgrade)
17" LCD iMac
5/10/20GB cheeper iPods w/ more organizer apps and wired remotes...
iTunes 3

All new! Checkit!

Monday, July 15

Wow, non-BS-roumer news. According to nielsen mac users ARE typicaly smarter and more tach savvy. Check it:

Wednesday, July 10

Have I been gone alot lately? Yes. Has there been ANY significant news? No. MWNY is coming up on monday but there is no major hype or roumers just yet.