Monday, January 28

Yeah! 867-Dual 1GHz! GeForce 4 MX! They are out!

Tuesday, January 22

I am without an opinion but many are predicting 1-1.2 GHz PowerMac this week.

Monday, January 21

I don't care much as a non-user but inDesign 2 is out.

Saturday, January 19

eXTReMe Tracking
999 Hits (865 unique), cool.
Mind Head 2.1 is out! It really works now! New features! Yay! Version Tracker release pending! :)! See the link to the left! I am using a lot of exclamation marks!

Tuesday, January 15

Reviewed: Sony's DSC-P30 Digital Camera

I just got my P30 and I am impressed. The image quality is great, variable with a maximum of 1280x1024 and a cornicopia of formats. It zooms well both optically and (wow) digitally. The screen is sharp and the interface is rather intuitive. The viewfinder has a zoom lens so that you do not need the LCD to zoom. Preview mode is cool as it alows deletion, resizing, and zoom. The design is stunning and impresses all I show it to. It is even compatable with iPhoto, removing any need for third party apps. There are only two disadvantages, the first is it's small included Ram size of four megabytes. However this can be augmented via the cheep memory stick format. The second disadvantage is the odd displays. The battery can be at 100-95% for eons and suddenly sink to 5 unexpectedly. The memory meeter can also occasionaly claim that the stick is full when it is not, however playing with the controls can fix that. Overall the P30 is a great camera and I would recomend it to anyone searching for a midrange digital camera.

Rating 3.99/4 Crazed weasles.

Saturday, January 12

Urashima Keitaro's Message Board @
These forums are really cool but they are fading fast and need help! Check it.

Friday, January 11

Expo Coverage

Sorry, I was working all last week and could not post. Here is my macworld editorial:

iMac is cool. Much cooler up close. New mouse is cool. iBook is nearly identical (cannot tell difference unless side by side). Black and White for mac is out! I have not played it yet but blogulator seems to love it. Earthlink gave out nice junk. MacAddict had free buyers guides and foam visors, always a plus.

I had a little adventure: 5 minutes before I was going to leave I saw Avi walking around the south hall (SW/OS X guy for Apple, I think). One minute later Jobs and Ive were walking together around Apple's booth. Oddly, few people noticed. He walked up to jobs' wife and baby and started talking (Ive is so cool, and I felt some RD field rays). I waved vaugely and he winked back (very cool considering a am an Apple otaku and I have never seen him in person). THEN, when they left I left the hall and was stopped by Andrew Tukoda A.K.A. MacAddicts Disc/Video guy A.K.A Digital Droo A.K.A my favorite digital music artist. He filmed me (holding the issue), my freind blogulator (slightly taller) and his younger sister (shortish) in the Moscone hallway. I will probably be on the March or April disc video :)!!!

Monday, January 7 Live Macworld Expo Keynote Coverage
FWEOF#@!$@!#)%$TER)FF@KI%)@$GVTI$)DEJIJ$TJ#%$R@#KT#!!!!!!! DIE!!! APPLE hyped all this up for a week and they just put out an LCD iMac (which is cool) a new iApp and a reved iBook. This does not blow me away, it is not bigger than any PC and it is not beyond roumer sites! D!@#$@#!#@
Dang! The webcast is constantly requesting data so I can't watch. If somone emails me updates or a thread link with live news I will post it here.
Webmaster Mail

Sunday, January 6

New imac story on - MacAddict Forums
Unfortunatly for me, it is true.
I was wrong. There is a flat screen iMac. Holy crap. This is real. TIme Mag.
Products- iMediaKey - USB Multimedia Keyboard for Mac
Macally iMediaKey review

The iMediaKey is a big step up from my iMac's (my test Mac) old Apple original USB keyboard and in some ways improved over the Apple PRO USB keyboard my other machine (G4) has. It has more keys than you can shake a stick at: F1-15, Power, Ctrl Opt and Cmd on both sides, a seprate arrow pad and 18 internet, app and media hotkeys. The keys are large and quiet, however they are very responsive and will pick up accidental bumps (I am using a used product, this may be damage). It's look is okay on a colored machine but is a great match for pre-QS G4s and graphite iMacs. The drivers are simple and well designed however in 9 the media keys can only control CD PLAYER (not iTunes) and in X while iTunes is supported, only a select few applications can be launched using hotkeys. At $70, I would reccomend it moderatly new and extremely used (it seems durable, so it is like new if a good price is available).

4.4 out of 5 crazed weasles
ICANTWAIT! Only about 16 hours before something really big comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yak!!!! CANNOT!!!! WAIT!!! MUST SURVIVE!!!! Ack... Sputter... Sputter...
Game Review: I have recently downloaded Airburst by Strange Flavor. It was very fun and has many hours of game play. The graphics are very smooth and have very few glitches. Also, the demo has many levels and is very unrestricting. In the game you play one of four small beasts which ride on bubble crafts with bats. The bats are used to knock away spiky disks which pop your bubble crafts when they touch. There are also dozens of variables which you can pick up such as the "Big Bat" which extends your bat or the "Sticky Bat" which allows you to hold on to the spike disk before shooting in at one of your opponents. This game is somewhat like pong. You can download this application at

< a href="">VersionTracker

4 out of 5 crazed weasles
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Archives updated.
Hello, I am the new assistant editor.
Just one more sleepless night.
They know their audience.

Saturday, January 5

My freind (and programming apprentice) is also posting apps here under the name Poly Vinyl Software Studios (as Blogulator).
Full speed ahead: Lust factor 10.

Friday, January 4

Quote du jour:
To boldly go where no PC has gone before.
Speculation? More Info: Mind Head Omega
Crap! I released a buggy copy, BTW, you need an X fax service app for the button to function. Re-release coming soon!

Thursday, January 3

MindHead Omega is out (and will be posted on versiontracker soon). It is a wiget for creating reminders, printing/faxing clippings, writing todo lists and typing short documents on a whim. It is made in AppleScript studio. See the D/L link on the left column of the front page of this site.
This is now the home of Deep Sea Software, meaning release blips and D/Ls will be posted here. This will not affect other news coverage.
On that note check this hoax (proven hoax by As the Apple Turns):
From Apple:
4 days until MWSF
It is like a backstage pass to the future.
>I have but do not use a passport account, Micro$oft sent me this.

Dear Microsoft .NET Passport Member:

Thank you for using Microsoft® .NET Passport. Because Microsoft recognizes the importance of security and reliability when using Internet software, we have now made available free browser security upgrades to better protect your online information. We strongly recommend that you check now to see whether your browser needs one of these security upgrades by going to: .


You can read more about these browser security issues at: .

For more information about recommended online security practices, go to: .


Copy it, and then paste it into your browser's address bar.
Select the entire link (which starts with http:// and may include more than one line) and then copy it, usually by clicking the "Edit" menu item and then clicking "Copy". Next, open your browser and click in the box where you usually see the Web page address. Paste the link into this box (usually by clicking "Paste" in the "Edit" menu) and click "Go" or "Enter".

.NET Passport is committed to protecting your privacy. We encourage you to review our privacy statement at: .

As with all security issues, Microsoft is committed to keeping its customers informed. Again, thank you for using your .NET Passport.

.NET Passport Customer Support

Please do not reply to this message; it was sent from an unmonitored e-mail address, and we are unable to respond to any replies.

Wednesday, January 2


It won't be and LCD iMac.

An LCD iMac may be released (it makes sense) but that would not be revolutionary. Quotes like "Beyond the rumor sites. Way beyond" suggest somthing revolutionary. Somthing with the potential to change the computer industry. Apple never hypes expos. Now it is. This is not just any old new Mac. Plus, a new iMac would be what the rumor sites are obsessed with. That is not beyond them. I cannot venture a guess as to what it is. But it will be big. It will be very big.

"Beyond the roumer sites. Way beyond."
Holy Friggin Crap! What is it?

Tuesday, January 1

AppleAnnother quote: Count the days. Count the minutes. Count on being blown away.