Monday, February 25

More PS 6 details! OS X compatable. Heal brush which "cleans" images. Image browser.

Sunday, February 24

Adobe Systems IncorporatedAs I said PS 6 is out! Adobe is clogged so I am awaiting more information.
Adobe Systems IncorporatedPhotoshop 7 is out! Heck yeah!

Thursday, February 21

Anti-Printo-Matic 2002 is out!
My freind's dumb company (PVSS, hosted here) released it's latest app. It is like a sticky, except it cannot print or save, and it has a useless button on it that says "Don't Print." Download it if you are bored. But download MindHead first, and read the site...

Tuesday, February 19

Tons of paper macs which you can fold!
Cool! Chinese site but easy to understand.

Monday, February 11

Tuesday, February 5

Sorry, I have been sick lately. An iPhoto blip for now.

Back to bed...

Sunday, February 3

Dumb X bashing and a response forum.

Saturday, February 2
Apple won a grammy for something technical. See details here