Monday, April 29

More spex:
eMac $999-1199
PBG4, 667-800 MHZ
Mobile Radion 7500 w/ DVI
15.2" 1280x854 screen Up-to-the-Minute Apple Mac News
Good news for me! MacMinute was the only site aside from Apple to have eMac reports up before this one, BTW, Spex:

-700MhZ G4
-17" Flat Surface CRT
-CDRW or DVD or Combo
-iMac style white Mouse and KB
-1MB Cache
-100mhz bus
-Teachers and students only
Apple releases eMac
Apple just released a new albino old iMac dubbed eMac for education. It has a 17" screen and runs at up to700MhZ G4.
Swivel stand. Price unknown, schools only. It is not advertized in apple garamond! They also upped the PBG4 to 800MhZ and ACD adaptor.

Saturday, April 27

No updates for today. I'm goin' to Fanime!

Thursday, April 25

Shareholder's info
Info from Apples annual hint-hint fest.

Tuesday, April 23

10.2 at WWDC! - MacAddict Forums
Interesting news for 10.2 roumer followers.

Monday, April 22

Mac OS 10.1.4 Now Available
Mac OS 10.1.4 has installed without a hitch on multiple computers in my presence. I say go for it.

Saturday, April 20

New version of OmniWeb out.
Reportedly much faster.

Friday, April 19

This is a month or so old, but I just discovered it:

StimpSoft shut down. They were a cool mac freeware company. They are responsible for apps like frogslapper, son of Weather Grok and the halloween dock app.

I quote, "All StimpSoft Software is 159% freeware, We're just that stupid."

R.I.P. Stimpy.
MacAddict 10.1
Ack! Forgot to post! 10.0.4 is out! More burner support! See here!

Wednesday, April 17

Mac in X

According to this Japanese site and a bad translating app, Mind Head Omega 2.1 (Omega was dropped in 2) is:

Printing /FAX functional attaching idea * stocker
eXTReMe Tracking

If you are the first person to see this, you are the site's 2000th visitor! More Info: StevePerfect X

Check it out! A wierd, freeware, newbie made, well made officeish suite.

Tuesday, April 16

EmotiTron just got an interface touch up. See sidebar.
I created a new appish thing called ChronoScape, you will be especialy interested if you can code in Java. Check out the link to the left under Deep Sea Studios!

Saturday, April 13

I apoligise if the site was down. It should be OK now.

Tuesday, April 9

Yay! The Maine kids got their iBooks. Apple got its money.

Monday, April 8

Check out 3D OS X:
A slow 3D file browser. Useless at this version but very, very cool.
Check out 3D OS X: A slow 3D file browser. Useless at this version but very, very cool. Site
I have decided to stop putzing around with ProjectBuilder and learn a programming language. Expect some Java widgets soon. BTW, I can forget about these things, so if need be, send random encouraging or opposing emails posted by Internet at

Friday, April 5

Apple Software
Apple released two new video packages today. Cinema tools for FCP deals with film and high definition video and DVD Stufio Pro 1.5 adds many new features and conviniences. Apple DVD-Rs also dropped to $5 a pop from $10.

Wednesday, April 3 - Anti-Unix campaign relies on its foe

Microsoft and Unisys are relying on Unix to run their anti-Unix site. The site has been coming up blank since shortly after the article's publication on ZDNet.

The MS/Unisys is at:
Archives Updated

Tuesday, April 2 More Info: EmotiTron
EmotiTron got a nice review! RJWOLFX and tami like it, so you will too!

Download Now

Monday, April 1

3 New items on the apps etc. front:

An X app for designing complex emoticons.

Classic format icons which I designed several years ago as ResEdit practice.

Thrown Away:
A Java adventure game in an alpha state.
April Fools (o la estupidas de abril)!
Apple cancels Mac line, releases iPod III w/ Palm OS. Holy crap!