Tuesday, May 28

Apple WWDC OS X Design Awards (sorry for the delay), gathered from X Appeal, a great X Techie news site.

Best New Mac OS X Product: Toon Boom Studio 1.1
Runner up: Marketcircle DayLite 1.0.1
Most Innovative Mac OS X Product: Watson 1.5
Runner up: Toon Boom Studio 1.1
Best Mac OS X User Experience: OmniGraffle 2.0
Runner up: STX 1.0
Best Mac OS X Technology Adoption: OmniGraffle 2.0
Runner up: Vektor 3 3.1.3
Best Mac OS X Open Source Port: TeXShop 1.19
Runner up: SIDekick 1.1
Best Mac OS X Student Product: MacJournal 2.1
Runner up: CanCombineIcons 2.1.0

Monday, May 20

More nooz:
iBook now at 700MHx and 1.3IN
Check it @ Apple

BTW: DSL issues this week, sorry for sparse posting.

Wednesday, May 15

More factoids:
The remote server monitor does more than I would expect, it monitors all software and hardware stats, predicts failures and even does physical reporting, such as lock position, tempurature (w/ line graph) and speed of fans.
Apple - Xserve
Trivia Bit:
One Xserve rack clocks over 600 Gigaflops

Tuesday, May 14

Apple - Xserve - Design
More Xserve info:
-3 PCI slots
-2GB Ram (finnaly)
-Tool-Free Access to all parts
-20 Terrabytes and 42GHz in one 8-Foot rack.
-I want a room full of 'em (only $16,377,900 with AppleCare)
Apple - Xserve
F*** YEAH!
Apple released Xserve, a rackmountable, OS X Server using, Titanium style, Svelte, 480GB, GHz, sub $3000, DDR 266MHz Ram, Dual Gigabit or SCSI, 4 drive Max network or internet server! Checkit.

Sunday, May 12

Happy Mom's Day!

Wednesday, May 8

Apple - iPhoto
iPhoto 1.1.1 is out it adds:
Brightness and Contrast
Setting Desktop/Saver

Monday, May 6

More Jaguar
-Sherlock 3
-QT 6
-Brushed Metal look in dev tools
-Quartz Extreme for Radeon and later owners for sending 2d effects to card
-Kids finder (remember At Ease?)
-Addy Book > Palm sync
Jaguar, Inkwell, iChat announced
(Ack, I worked late and missed this)

Apple announced Jaguar (OS 10.2, 10.5, 11?)
-iChat: AOL compatable, EZ file sharing chat app
-Inkwell: Newton derived onscreen handwriting recognition (too bad for the roumer sites that thought that withholding this tech was an iPDA clue)
-Improved windows networking
-Built in, iTunes style finder search
-More protocols and filtering for Mail

OS 9 was given a "Funeral"

Sunday, May 5

Review: Accessory Ave. on Yahoo Stores
Accessory Ave. sold me two devices, a Cannon DV Cam and an Olympus DSC. Both were over-sold (as they told us a week late), so they offered higher end models of both with no discount. We accepted, that was two weeks ago and the package is still not in our city. They also had no 1-800 no. and operated for very few hours and days. You may have better luck, but I was in no way satisfied with their service.
Free Christian Web Page Hosting from TruePath.com: Christian Web Host
I don't want to offend anyone, but I can't resist. Who ever heard of religous web servers?!?!?!

Saturday, May 4

Apple is definately spilling some beans this month. See this banner from Apple's site.
Tutorial: Writing Japanese with Mac OS X.

Very basic knowledge of Japanese required.

-Go into System Prefs:International:Keyboard Menu tab.

-Check the red disc with an apple on it near the bottom of the window.

-An american flag will appear in the menu bar.

-Open any non-classic word processor such as Text Edit.

-Select the red disc icon from the flag (AKA keyboard) menu.

-To select an alphabet, pick one from the bottom set of four menu items. The first is Hiragana, followed by Katakana than kana width Romanji than normal monospaced Romanji .

-Type words (typing k and a make ka etc.).

-To create kanji, type the word in kana and than press the down arrow until the appropriate character appears.

Note: The modified "." and long dash are in the normal . and - spaces on the KB.
Tutorial: Getting Mp3s with:
MacSatellite, OpenAG or Sputnix.

-Pick and download a client. As of the current versions I recomend Satellite for Classic and Sputnix for X, however if Sputnix is not connecting, OpenAG is fine.

-Go to AudioGalaxy Registration and register an account.

-Use the search function of the AudioGalaxy site to pick songs (click the satelite icon).

-Install your client and enter your name and password.

-Hit connect and watch the files roll in, even if your browser is closed!

-Repeat as nececary until your HD is full, then buy annother one and continue to repeat.

Wednesday, May 1

Save Internet Radio! -- Encourage the U.S. Copyright Office to reject the CARP recommendations
Internet radio IS about to die. Quick auto-faxer to contact congress. Do it while there is still time.