Saturday, June 29
It is a real business. check it out!

Tuesday, June 25

MacUpdate: ADGate X 2.5.1

Check out this cool ad/popup killer. It works!
MacBeat is OUT! LET THE GAMING BEGIN! Click to the left on the sidebar.

Monday, June 24

Whoops! The server is F***ED UP so MacBeat is offline.
I just released the English port of the Japanese simulater MacBeat of the japanese arcade game BeatMania. Check it out!!! Not all by me but heck of fun! Free songs and skins included.

Sunday, June 23

MacAddict 10.1
I have been away, but as you can see from MacAddict, Apple has eaten up quite a few video companies recently.

Monday, June 10

Apple released a campaign to switch PC users.

Sunday, June 9

Save Internet Radio! -- Encourage the U.S. Copyright Office to reject the CARP recommendations
Gak! More old news! The CARP reccomendation that would kill internet radio was rejected, but there is still a possibility for high, possibly deadly royaltys.
Apple - QuickTime - MPEG-4 Video Gallery
QT6 and MPEG4 Qick ass! Imagine no-load-time for full quality 1/4 screen video streaming at full framerate and resizing to full screen flawlessly on an iMac DV original w/ medeocre DSL.

Saturday, June 8

MacAddict: Mac OS X 10.1.5 Is Here
Thanks to MacAddict, here is some more old news: OS 10.1.5 is out and it offers additional camera, network and chinese/korean support.
Well, I was in rural Arizona for a week so I missed it (you haven't lived if you havent sat on top of a mesa) but Apple:
-Rereleased the eMac for NON EDUCATIONAL customers
-Released QT6 Preview

Sunday, June 2

Odd, Apple's site is sometimes appearing with only 3 items at the bottom, not 4.
MacAddict: 17 and 19-inch iMacs?
A Roumer from MacAddict.